Pinot Gris

Our Pinot Gris (a white wine grape known as Szürkebarát in Hungarian which literally means “Gray Monk”, and called Pinot gringo in Italy and much of North America) has been grown in Hungary since Cistercian monks planted the Pinot gris vines on the slopes of the Badacsony hill, near Lake Balaton, in 1375. Our vineyards, today in the Badacsony Wine Region, continue this 600 year old tradition. With its volcanic soils and cool climate the Badacsony Wine Region shares features with the Alsace Wine Region of France, resulting in Pinot gris wines that can have especially rich floral and fruit (especially tropical fruit) aromas and flavors.

2018 Vintage

Weather conditions were very sub optimal.  Wine produced did not meet our standards.

2017 Vintage

Harvested August 25th.

2016 Vintage

Updates: 2016 Pinot Gris vintage no longer available at our winery.

Please order in advance if you are interested in securing some of our 2017 vintage.

Note: Due to heavy hail and weather last year, the 2016 vintage was limited in volume and quality suffered.

December Racking: Fruity aromas and flavors. Slight brine on the tongue. Acidity is moderate.

Early October Racking: From primary to secondary. Fresh citrus aroma and flavors.

2015 Vintage

Updates: 2015 Pinot Gris vintage no longer available at our winery.

December Racking: Racked for ongoing clarification of the wine. The wine currently is dominated by fruit and melon aromas and flavors. Slight brine on the tongue. Acidity is moderate to sharp, which indicates the wine should be well balanced at the next racking.

Late September Racking: From primary to secondary. Fresh fruit aroma, mostly melon, with balanced acidity.

2014 Vintage

December 2014 Racking: Aromas and flavors of tropical fruit.

Note: There were heavy and constant rains in the summer of 2014. A lot of vines were affected with powdery mildew weakening them and their ability to ripen fruit. We delayed picking and had a late harvest, which resulted in very little production. Since most of our mature and harvested Pinot Gris is from experimental plots, production was too low to have any 2014 vintage. Some or our new Pinot Gris planting are now entering their third year, will be allowed to have a small sample crop and we hope and expect to thus have a 2015 vintage for sale.

2013 Vintage

Spring bottling: Bouquet of grapefruit, melon and dandelion flower. Flavors most evident were grapefruit and melon with a hint of spice. Balanced acidity. Overall, an excellent vintage. Wine left in an opened bottle after a day will acquire a pleasant brine flavor that complements the melon. Currently public tasting available by appointment2013 Pinot Gris vintage no longer available.

December 2013: Christmas racking. Bouquet of pear, grapefruit, banana and flint. Citrus and banana most evident on the tongue. Good acidity, with a slight bite. Set aside for further bulk aging.